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PostSubject: rulezzzzz   rulezzzzz Icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2007 7:39 pm

" Welcome to [color=#4169e1], The most famous free forums of INDIA and as well are internationally running forum.As you will become our member we would like you to read our rules thoroughly because, those who will cross our rule will be BANNED from our site so we would like U to keep in mind our site rules so that, you can continue visit [color:e849=darkorange:e849]SoftwareAddicted. "rulezzzzz Smile

General Rules:
- Admin reserves the right to change / delete any rule without any prior notice.
- Donot misbehave with other members.
- Use SEARCH BAR before posting your message to ensure that duplicate posts must be avoided.
- Donot harsh, abuse any member.
- Only English/Roman hindi allowed in the forum premises(English is Primary Language here).
- Make sure to post in correct sections
- After 1 Warning, User will be banned from the forum.
- Post THANK YOU while getting your data from a forum category so that users/admins may post more.

Posting/Downloading Rules:
- NO Dead Links!
- Please check links before posting in the forums.
- Avoid duplicate posting, If the links are new then you are allowed to post duplicate copy.
- Please donot use All CAPS LETTER in the forum topic.
- Information is a key point to your forum(Include Screenshots for an informational way).
- NO PORN Posts!(Immediate BAN, If posted).
- Hide links in a proper way.
- Check links if it contains adware / spyware / trojan / viruses please instantly remove the link.
- If you are posting a full version application, Make sure to include its Registration code / Keygen / Crack.
- Free/Trial versions are also allowed to be posted.
- Never post advertising message of another website(s).
- Always display downloading link(s) in CODE.
- Please upload your stuffs/data in .ZIP or in .RAR format.



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